What Is The Timeline For A Commercial Renovation Project?

Renovation projects are a unique undertaking for property owners and construction companies, and they come with their own unique set of questions and concerns. We create a custom plan for each project, following a basic timeline. We do everything we can to ensure the project exceeds the owner’s expectations.

The complexities of a renovation define the timeline for the project. The general contractor will break down each phase of the project into steps and create milestones. The plans define the total time to complete the project.

The project plan reflects all specifications as requested by the client. The general contractor plans each change and upgrade to improve the structural integrity of the building and add the extra features the owner wants. The modifications offer improved functionality and more efficiency. 

The Planning Phase

With general contracting services, the property owner works with a general contractor and determines if the renovation project is feasible within their budget. They will evaluate the property for building code violations and problem areas. Once they establish that the project is feasible, the general contractor presents details about the timeline for the projects. 

Accepting Bids on the Project

Under the construction management delivery method, the construction manager sets up bids for the subcontractor, and they review all the bids received. When assessing the bids, the construction manager reviews qualifications from each of the subcontractors, as well as what bid is the most cost-effective for the scope of work. The construction manager must find a subcontractor that offers high-quality work at an affordable price. 

Pre-Construction Services

The construction manager will set up all preparations for the renovation project and acquire the supplies. It is best to get all the supplies before the project starts, as this could reduce the odds of delays and ensure that the workers have everything they need on the first day of the project.

As they review the supplies, the construction manager presents all options to the owner. If some supplies aren’t in stock, the construction manager can help the client review alternative selections. They help the owners get exactly what they want ahead of time which saves time and money.  

Demolition for Existing Structures

With demolition, general contractors are either removing portions of the property for new changes or eliminating structures around the property. When the workers complete this step, they need waste management services to ensure that all the building materials are removed from the property safely. Liabilities emerge if the building materials are mismanaged, so having a contractor who is familiar with these regulations will be a help to owners.  

Starting the Construction

Construction begins according to the project plans, and the project manager outlines all milestones that must be completed throughout the project. The superintendent must evaluate all the work completed by their workers and ensure that the work meets all existing building codes. 

If they are installing new plumbing or electrical installations, they must get an inspection for each new installation. The building code officials must sign off on the installations before the builders can continue to the next phase.  


The post-construction phase involves a final walkthrough to make sure everything is completed to the owner’s satisfaction. After a comprehensive inspection, the renovated structure is ready for use. 

Where to Get Help

A family-owned and operated company, J.M. Thompson brings together vast construction knowledge to each project they take on. The team consists of experienced professionals in the industry, as the company is only as good as its employees. The staff assumes full responsibility for the successful projects found in the company portfolio. 

Any commercial construction project needs the best pre-construction planning and services for successful completion. The best company will ask for owner feedback on the budget, the timeline, and all aspects of the construction planning. Pre-construction service professionals from J.M. Thompson will ensure that every detail of your construction project is addressed.