General Contracting in North & South Carolina

Whether a project requires a competitive bid of completed construction documents or the full resources of our pre-construction services, JMT is a long-standing, licensed general contractor with vast experience in qualifying sites, assembling teams, managing subcontractors, reviewing contracts, and on-site safety.  Since 1921, JMT has built upon it’s roots by working on numerous projects throughout the Triangle in North Carolina.  Our century of experience has produced unique subcontractor relationships that span generations, but also allow us to continually grow our subcontractor base.

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These relationships and our experience form the basis of our best in class construction services that include, but are not limited to:

Services Include:

  • On-site staffing: Our knowledge of the job market, understanding of the workforce requirements, and contacts with the most reputable subcontractors in North Carolina make JMT the best contracting company in the Raleigh region and beyond for hiring highly skilled tradespeople for your project.
  • Supervision and management of subcontractor trades: JMT is a general construction contractor and construction manager that stays on top of every aspect of a project. You can count on us as project managers to oversee the work of each subcontractor, from HVAC and electrical to masonry, roofing and everything in between.
  • Cost Control: Effective cost control begins at the conception phase of a construction project. Our decades of experience as a general contractor enable us to anticipate all the obvious and “hidden” expenses and find the best ways to manage and minimize them. In other words, we can eliminate your concerns about cost overruns.
  • Schedule Control: We’re proud to be a construction manager with a exemplary reputation for completing our projects on time. We know how to avoid scheduling setbacks by holding our workers accountable, creating and implementing efficient work processes, and coordinating between subcontractors and other project teams.
  • Material Expediting: We can ensure that all construction materials will be at the job site when they are needed. Our pre-construction team will work diligently to determine long-lead items during the planning phase to keep the project moving forward. We can also expedite the procurement of those “unplanned” materials to keep your project on schedule.
  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Inspection: Delivering top-quality work has helped make JMT become one of the most reputable and successful commercial building contractors in North Carolina since 1921. We’ll implement the most stringent quality control and inspection procedures in every area to ensure the work exceeds your expectations.
  • Safety Management: Understanding the need to protect construction workers from accidents and injuries, we make safety a top priority at every job site. We also adhere to the standards set forth by OSHA and other regulatory bodies.
  • MWBE/HUB Tracking & Management: As a construction company that believes in providing equal procurement opportunities for all, JMT makes a point of working with MWBE and HUB-affiliated organizations in North and South Carolina.
  • Subcontractor Close-out: We’ve instituted comprehensive protocols for closing out all subcontractors at the end of the project period. We will ensure that they have performed their work properly and fulfilled all their contractual obligations.
  • Project completion and delivery: We’ll certify the completion of the project and execute the necessary delivery steps. We’ll also confirm that everything meets your standards and specifications.
  • Change Order Management: We pride ourselves on providing clients with change order mitigation. With our 100 years as a general contractor, JMT has the expertise to integrate the desired or necessary alterations that will assist in improving and accelerating the project. We know how to manage change orders resulting from factors such as the need to add or delete features, unanticipated obstacles, or extreme weather conditions.

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