Pre-Construction in North & South Carolina

At JMT, we are committed to helping our clients ensure goals are met and their project is successfully completed. Our pre-construction services are performed by experienced technical and estimating professionals who provide a range of in-house services that continue throughout the early stages of the construction process. We want to build a foundation of trust with each client by providing a proactive, action-oriented approach in the early planning stage. We believe being proactive during the early planning stage ensures better cost and schedule control of your project.

What Are Pre-Construction Services?

Pre-construction services involve the construction planning and preparation. At JMT, we follow modern pre-construction planning practices that include you, our client, in every step.  This ensures you get the results you are looking for in your project.

Throughout the pre-construction phase, we ask for client’s feedback on budget, timeline, and other aspects of construction. You will feel confident your project is in good hands with our pre-construction leaders guiding you through every step of the process. You will maximize the value of your investment by partnering with pre-construction service professionals who ensure every detail is addressed proactively.

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Construction Preparation and Planning From JMT

We have an experienced and capable team in the North Carolina research triangle that manages every step of the pre-construction process. We will create a pre-construction plan that meets all of your project needs. Our services include:

  • Cost estimating: Our construction cost estimators will calculate the total cost of your project. The estimation process will include:
    • Conceptual estimate: A “big picture” cost estimate that happens before creating a more detailed estimate or drawings.
    • Schematic estimate: An estimate developed alongside detailed project schematics through programming.
    • Design development estimate: An estimate created during the design development phase that helps ensure scope and intent.
    • Construction estimate: A cost estimate based on construction specifications and drawings.
    • GMP estimate: An estimate based on the guaranteed maximum price (GMP), including the total cost and contractor fees.
  • Value engineering analysis: When you invest in a large construction project, you want to get the best return on investment possible. The value engineering analysis ensures your results provide value and align with your anticipated outcome.
  • Constructability reviews: Our construction experts will perform constructability reviews of your project’s design. This review ensures the design you have in mind will have a viable construction process.
  • Scheduling: We help you develop a project timeline and create a work schedule. This schedule ensures you will have a finished project by the time you need it
  • Procurement of long-lead items: Long-lead items include equipment, products, and systems that may take a long time to acquire. We create a scheduled delivery for these items in the pre-construction phase to keep the project on schedule.
  • Site logistics planning: Site logistics involve the flow of workers, equipment, and resources on the worksite. Developing an efficient site logistics plan ensures you have a safe and organized project.
  • MWBE/HUB inclusion & coordination: We care about work that values diversity. We help by coordinating your project with inclusive practices that use minority/woman business enterprises (MWBE) and historically underutilized businesses (HUB).

If you need assistance with another aspect of pre-construction planning, we welcome you to ask us. We personalize every contract to fit your requirements.

What Happens After Pre-Construction Planning?

After we develop a pre-construction plan, we gather the subcontractors and resources necessary to complete the job. We’re experts in construction management. From day one, we’ll follow the construction site planning to ensure your commercial project exceeds your expectations.

Count on JMT as Your Pre-Construction Services Manager in the Carolinas

JMT has four generations of experience with construction site planning and more. Get more information about our services in Raleigh, Durham, and beyond, view successful projects, or contact our team for an estimate today.

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