Design-Build Commercial Construction in the Carolinas

At JMT, we work to make each project as efficient as possible for our clients. Our design-build delivery method uses a single contract for all partners, ensuring collaboration and high-quality results from the start. When you choose us for planning, design collaboration, and construction, we’ll handle both big and small details to ensure your commercial project vision becomes a reality.

Benefits of Design-Build Construction

Many businesses in construction now follow the design-build delivery method because of its value for the client. It increases customer satisfaction through personalization and careful project execution. The advantages of JMT’s approach to the design-build project delivery method include:

  • Efficiency: Clients benefit from streamlined management and project administration. With every person involved in the project working under the same contract, services stay coordinated. This approach ensures all parts of the job achieve the same goals on a similar timeline.
  • Collaboration: This method promotes teamwork that allows goals to be met in a comprehensive manner. This includes the beginning of conceptual designs through the production of completed construction documents that have undergone budgeting, materials selection, schedule implementation, and constructability reviews every step of the way.
  • Superior results: The result of our collaborative approach is an expedited project that ensures maximized construction value while capturing the client’s functional and aesthetic intent, all with the simplicity of working with a single manager from start to finish. Our clients benefit from the added value of team collaboration from day one.

By coordinating architects, engineers, and third party consultants under the same contract, we will deliver on our promise of quality.

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A Team Approach to Construction and Design Services

We work with architects from the very start to balance functionality and appearance on all building projects we manage. We will work to mitigate problems about any potential issues discovered in initial collaboration that could hinder the timeline of the construction project. JMT has experience working with numerous architects through every step of the design-build process which provides streamlined client involvement from the beginning.

Let us manage your building’s design and construction with your valued input. The stages in a fully comprehensive design-build contract include:

  • Pre-construction planning: Thorough preparation serves as the foundation for a successful design-build project. During the pre-construction phase, we estimate your project’s cost. We also work with subcontracted construction engineers to help you get the best value out of your design.
  • Construction design: After we determine planning and logistics during the pre-construction phase, our architects create a building design. Architects and engineers work together to develop schematics which the pre-construction team uses to finalize the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and schedule.
  • Building site preparation: Once we finalize the building’s plans, we will get the site ready for construction. During this stage, we will fully prepare the site to make it suitable for construction.  JMT has their own site division and can offer unique expertise during this step of the process.
  • Construction: With all aspects of preparation and design completed, we will begin construction. In some cases, we will overlap the design and construction phases to meet tight deadlines. Whichever way we structure the project, we will keep every team member updated.
  • Post-construction: After construction ends, we ensure a smooth transition by providing you with owner manuals and warranty contact information.

Your project’s steps will vary depending on your goals and existing resources. Allow us to develop a personalized construction plan that streamlines the full process for you.

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JMT has a century-long history of serving commercial clients as a general contractor in North Carolina. Our dedication to integrity and service drive us to go above and beyond for our clients. Through quality construction and design services, we take the time and stress out of planning and construction.

If you would like to learn more about our design-build process or get an estimate, contact our staff today.

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