Parking Deck Construction Projects

Parking Garage Construction – Project Managers

JMT has delivered superior results and successful projects throughout the Carolinas for nearly 100 years. We serve building owners and industry professionals with construction management, general contracting, pre-construction, and design-build services.

Experienced General Contractor for Parking Decks

JMT is a general contractor with nearly a century of experience and a vast subcontractor network. We work with trusted partners and build unique subcontractor relationships that span generations. Our industry-leading construction services include, but are not limited to:

  • – On-site staffing
  • – Schedule coordination and creation
  • – Effective cost control
  • – Material expediting
  • – Job site safety management
  • – Project completion and delivery
  • – Job Site logistics

Design-Build Project Model for Parking Garages

At JMT, we’re in the business of making each project as efficient as possible for every client. With our design-build delivery model, we handle and manage every detail of your parking deck project to ensure streamlined administration and careful execution, all under a single contract.

The stages of our design-build contract include:

  • Pre-construction preparation
  • – Team Collaboration
  • – Construction
  • – Post-construction

Comprehensive Pre-Construction Services

JMT takes a proactive approach in the early planning stages to ensure better cost and schedule control. We follow modern pre-construction planning practices for parking garages that include you in every step, with an emphasis on communication and coordination. We handle every detail proactively so you get the most successful result.

Our experienced team will meet your project needs with pre-construction services that include:

  • – Extensive cost estimating
  • – Scheduling
  • – Site logistics planning
  • – Value engineering analysis
  • – Constructability reviews
  • – Long-lead item procurement

Construction Management Services

Let JMT coordinate all aspects of your parking garage project, from planning to delivery. With our top-notch construction management services for parking decks, we focus on craftsmanship, efficiency, and effective communication to deliver projects on time.

Our construction management services include:

  • – Building planning assistance
  • – Progress reporting
  • – Cost and financial coordination
  • – Change order management
  • – Quality control and inspection
  • – MWBE/HUB tracking and management

Pre-Cast and Cast-in-Place Concrete Options

For your parking deck project, we can work with pre-cast concrete or cast-in-place construction methods:

  • – Pre-cast construction: With pre-cast concrete, parking decks pieces are poured in a controlled environment, then the pre-cast pieces are delivered and erected on-site.
  • – Cast-in-place concrete: Cast-in-place concrete involves pouring concrete on-site. Benefits include the ability to accommodate more specific structural needs.

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