Wilmington Convention Center

Market: Municipal & State Government Construction Projects
Location: Wilmington, NC
Architect: LS3P Associates Ltd.
SF: 207,000


The Wilmington Convention Center is located in the Historic Riverfront District of Wilmington, North Carolina. This 207,000 SF structure includes 50,000 SF of meeting space and 600 spaces, four-story precast parking deck. The roof of the convention center features a high Solar Reflexive Index, promoting energy efficiency. Twenty percent of the materials utilized were obtained from within a 500-mile radius of the project.

As a result of the superior cooperation, timeliness, cost efficiency, and support from the J. M. Thompson Company team, the Convention Center not only achieved LEED designation, it went on to achieve a Silver designation. This could not have been possible without the support of the J. M. Thompson Company team.

Construction of the facility was completed in a timely manner while facing numerous obstacles due to the site being an old abandoned industrial site with many unknowns below grade. Throughout the project, the J. M. Thompson Company team performance was exemplary with a high quality of workmanship and pride. We now have one of the finest convention center facilities anywhere and continue to receive awards on its design and construction.

Steven D. Bridges, Assistant to the City Manager for Development (Retired)