What to Ask When Hiring A Commercial Construction Company

Business owners hire construction companies to make renovate buildings, construct new buildings, and increase the value and appeal to customers. It is vital to attract a larger client base to the property and increase the company’s profits. When completing construction projects, the property owner must find a contractor that is up to the challenge. 

Construction companies can perform a variety of services for commercial property owners, including structural maintenance, repairs, additions, and complete renovations. When searching for a construction company, it is imperative for the property owner to ask the right questions and ensure that the construction company is capable of completing the project. 

How Long Has Your Company Been In Business?

By determining how long the construction company has been in operation, the client determines if the company and its workers have the right skills to complete their projects. With a company that has a long history, the business owner can review the construction company more thoroughly and determine if the construction company is the right fit for them. A business that is just starting out could present the commercial property owner with some risks that are not acceptable.  

Do You Have References from Clients?

References for the construction company are ideal, and the previous customers can provide the property owner with further insight into their experience with the construction company. When a commercial construction company can provide the property owner with these references, it gives them more credibility. A general contractor in Raleigh, NC can provide commercial property owners with references from satisfied clients who will share positive reviews of the construction company and their services. 

Do You Have a Portfolio of Previous Work?

The commercial property owner will want to review the construction company’s previous work, and they will want to review what the company can do. By reviewing the pre-construction process and the finished project, the commercial property owner can learn more about what the construction company can do for them. If their previous projects are high quality work, there is a great chance that the commercial property owner will get what they want from this new project. 

Is The Company Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

The construction company must be licensed to operate, and it is a general rule of thumb to avoid any construction company that isn’t licensed. The company must be bonded and insured or the client could face financial losses. With proper insurance, the construction company can file a claim if their workers cause property damage or other catastrophes during the construction project. When looking for a construction company, the client must research the company and get these vital details before making a final choice. 

How Long Will the Project Take?

Business owners will want to make structural changes to their physical location, especially if they are expanding their company and serving a larger client base. When planning the new project, the commercial property owner will review new designs with a contractor and choose a construction company according to their vision of their property and their current needs. 

Construction companies could provide an exceptional building or additions to an existing structure, and they can provide major upgrades that are necessary to attract more customers. When reviewing new designs, the property owner will also want to ask vital questions to help them find the best construction company for the job. 

The contractor will have to plan the project according to what the client wants, and they will present the plan to the property owner. It is vital for the property owner to determine how long it will take to complete the construction of their project or additions to the property. The ongoing project could create downtime for their business, or they may have to shut down the business entirely. By discussing the timetable with the construction company, the property owner determines how the project could affect their business and if the construction company is the right fit for their new project.

How Large is Your Crew?

The total number of crew members could determine how quickly the project is completed, and it could save the property owner money and time. The construction company will inform the property owner about how many workers will participate in the project and how the total number of crew members could affect the cost of their project. For some property owners, a larger crew could mean higher labor costs, but if the project is completed faster, they could decrease the total amount of money they spend on the construction project. These details are vital for commercial property owners that need a project completed as quickly as possible. 

Do You Screen All Workers Thoroughly?

The construction company must screen their workers thoroughly to ensure they are capable of performing tasks for complicated projects.  The construction company must ensure that the workers do not present any liabilities for the company or their clients.

Many property owners want to hire construction companies that do not hire risky workers that could cause property damage or other issues. The workers must pass criminal background checks and shouldn’t present any risk to the commercial property owner, their workers, or their clients. When researching construction companies, commercial property owners will inquire about the company’s hiring process.  

Where to Get Construction Services 

J.M. Thompson has a rich history of construction services, and they offer services for commercial property owners. The business is licensed, bonded, and insured, and has been in business for 100 years. The company guarantees all its services and will provide warranties for its projects.

The business owner can show the property owner a full portfolio of all their previous work, and property owners can get a better idea of what the company can do for them. The company offers complete construction management services, and they offer estimates for the construction project. Property owners can learn more about the projects by visiting the service provider directly.